St Joseph - Edgecliff

EdgecliffChurchFrontThe foundation stone of St Joseph's was blessed by Coadjutor Archbishop Roger Bede Vaughan on 8th February 1874 and offically opened on 20th September 1874 by Archbishop Polding.

The original congregrations consisted of labourers, shopkeepers and a large number of Irish girls in service.

Over the years additions to the original church have been added - an entrance porch, centre aisle, a larger sacristry and stained glass windows and wooden carved statues by the artist Leopoldine Mimovich OAM.


St Francis - Paddington

PaddingtonChurchFrontPaddington originally formed part of the Sacred Heart Parish, Darlinghurst. 

The Franciscans were entrusted with the pastoral care of Woollahra and Paddington in November 1879. Paddington was established as a parish in its own right in 1887 and Fr Bernardine Lawler ofm became the first parish priest. The foundation stone for St Francis of Assisi Church was blessed and laid on March 23rd 1889 and Cardinal Moran officially opened the new church on Sunday 22nd June 1890.

In 1917 it was thought that the Church needed to be enlarged but after the building of the new sanctuary it was realised the plans were too costly and we are left with a church which consists of the nave of the 1890 church designed by John Barlow, and the transepts, sanctuary and sacristies of the 1919 church designed by Bart Moriarty.