Pastoral Council

Each parish has it's own Pastoral Council.

The Council is more than an advisory body and collaborates with the Parish Priest in setting and implementing parish goals with the input and support of the whole parish community. Its specific responsibilities are:

  • to work collaboratively with the Parish Priest
  • to share in the spiritual and pastoral leadership
  • to listen to parishioners - explore needs, hopes and gifts of the community and to be socially and community minded
  • to develop a vision and plan for its effective implementation
  • to take responsibility for decision making, coordinating the implementing of a pastoral plan
  • to facilitate, empower, enable involvement of parishioners to use their gifts for ministry and mission in the parish
  • to review and evaluate the well being of the ministries and parish groups

The current members of the Parish Pastoral Council are:

St Francis Parish


Mark Hegarty Edited Mark Hegarty
Wally Cropped
Wally Jones
 Nicole Harris
St Joseph Parish
Peter Brennan Peter Brennan
Stephen Christie Steve Christie
Tom Connelly Cropped  Tom Connelly
Tony Dorigo  Tony Dorigo
Caroline Duffy C Caroline Duffy
LuisaPasterello C  Luisa Pastrello


Finance Committees

Each parish has its own Finance Committee which are important bodies that work with the Parish Priest in matters of financial administration.  The St Joseph's Committee is chaired by Mr John Mitchell and that of St Francis by Mr Jerry Austin.  Several other parishioners also sit on these committees and both parishes are well served by them.