Joseph crop sideHere you are.  Here.  Right now.  Looking at a computer screen.  Another second goes by.  Another moment of life.  Zoom.  It's gone. Oops.  There goes another one.  The seconds and minutes pass.  An hour.  A day.  A week.  A year.  Here today.  Gone tomorrow.

Here you are.  Somewhere on planet Earth.  What are you thinking...RIGHT NOW?  Nothing?  Or is it something like, "I want more"?

Maybe the experience or the thing you hoped for wasn't really what you were looking for after all.  Or maybe you just need MORE of that experience or thing.  More clothes.  More CDs.  More dates.  More parties. But even then you're left with the feeling, the plaguing thought: "I still want more." Could it be it's God and his plan for your life that's missing?  Could God be calling you to become a Franciscan?  Could you find that peace and fulfilment as a Franciscan priest/brother?

Our deepest needs and longings can't be met by anything in this realm.  We need God to satisfy us ultimately.  We need his "living water."  We need to know him and have a relationship with him.  Otherwise, we will be "thirsty" in life.  That's why Jesus says, "whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst."  Knowing him satisfies our thirst. It scratches that nagging itch we have.  The itch that nothing else seems to scratch.  Re-think your life.  Be a living gospel to all you meet.  Become more.  Be a Franciscan!

Click on:  http://www.franciscans.org.au for more information.

See the Franciscan vocation videos (St Barbara Province, California) We have sent our prospective friars to the novitiate there. 



Life as a Friar

Interested in life as a Franciscan Friar?  Has one of the friars who has worked in St Francis-St Joseph Parish over the years inspired you to consider a similar vocation either as a Franciscan brother or priest?  If so why then why not follow up this thought with a confidential call or email to friar Joe McKay ofm on 0412 076 913  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following link provides you with more information about becoming a friar