St Joseph

St Joseph is the Patron of the Universal Church, Workers and Edgecliff Parish.

HolyFamilyLargeAll we know of St Joseph comes from Gospels written by Matthew and Luke and a single reference in the John's Gospel.

He is decribed as a decendent of King David but worked as a tekton or tradesman in Nazareth.

After becoming engaged to Mary he found that she was pregnant. Initially Joseph planned to break the engagement quietly, to avoid her being accused of adultery. An angel came to Joseph and told him that Mary's unborn child was concieved by the Holy Spirit. Joseph then married Mary.

StJosephEdgecliffCalled to take part in Ceasar Augustus' census he travelled with Mary to Bethlehem his ancestorial home. Here Jesus was born. King Herod hearing rumours of the birth of a potential rival ordered the death of new born male children in Bethlehem. Escaping Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus became refugees, fleeing to Egypt for safety. After the danger fell Joseph returned to Nazareth with his family.

The last reference to Joseph is at Jesus' visit as a youth to the Temple in Jerusalem. Joseph died before the start of Jesus' public ministry.

Joseph may have previously have been married before marrying Mary which may explain the presence of brothers and sisters of Jesus. These however may have been what we would call cousins.

The Principle Feast of St Joseph is March 19th. 

The Feast of St Joseph the Worker falls on 1 May.