My Faith in the wake of the Royal Commission

Presented by Repair My House, The Parishes of St Francis, Paddington and St Joseph, Edgecliff invite all to join us for a reflection by Robert Fitzgerald, a former commissioner to the Royal Commission on Institutional Child Abuse.

Join us on Friday July 5th at 7pm in the St Francis of Assisi Church at Paddington. Supper will follow.

About Repair My House:

Francis, go repair my house, which, as you see, is falling into ruin” were Christ’s words to the young  St. Francis as he was praying in the crumbling  little church of San Damiano outside the walls of Assisi.

Repair My House is a group of concerned parishioners who have been discussing how we as a community respond to all forms of abuse where the God Given value and dignity of the individual has been violated.