Our Parish Team

Francisco Jude Basnayake OFM

Assistant Priest
  • When were you ordained?
    23 January 2016 in Malaysia.
  • When did you arrive in the parish?
    I arrived on the 21 March 2018. When I arrived, I loved the traditional style of both church buildings. These spoke to me about the traditions that define who we are. I believe that traditions keep us grounded in our roots. The Catholic Tradition is one in which I feel very comfortable. The sacred role of the priest, as I see it, is to direct people to the Kingdom of God.
  • Family
    I grew up in a family of 13, with 9 sisters and 1 brother. Praying together as a family and as a community were a part of my life growing up in Malaysia. I loved that we sang and answered loudly and that we had a real understanding of Christ present in the worshiping community.
  • Hopes for your time in this community
    I want to bring Christ to everyone I encounter every day. I hope that we will be a community that expresses Christ in our goodness, in our friendship and in our lives with one another. St Paul calls us all, men and woman, evangelizers of the WORD. And that is what evangelization is about.
  • My Strong Points
    I enjoy praying with others and helping those who need my help, as St Francis of Assisi inspired me. Coming from a conservative culture I find great meaning in the traditional church devotions and I enjoy making the physical space of the church a mirror of the current sacrament and season.
  • Why I like being a friar?
    I am inspired by St Francis to keep on doing the will of God.