Planned Giving Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Planned Giving Programme at St Francis & St Joseph. Planned Giving is a way in which parishioners may offer a regular contribution to the financial needs of our community. It helps us achieve our pastoral mission and meet our ongoing expenses. Through our contributions to the charitable works fund we are also able to offer our planned givers an end of year tax receipt if they require one.

Members of our community can be part of the Planned Giving Programme in two ways, through cash or credit card contributions.

Cash contributions are generally on a weekly basis. Each Planned Giver who chooses this method is provided with a set of planned giving envelopes (one for each week of the year). They are then able to put their weekly donation in this envelope and offer it during the second collection during mass.

Credit Card contributions are by direct debit on a monthly basis. You stipulate in advance the monthly amount you would like to donate and this is automatically debited from your credit card on the last Wednesday of each month.

At the end of each financial year you will be provided with a receipt for your yearly contributions to the programme. For those who require a tax deduction contributions in the FY2020 year are 100% tax deductible. We ask you let us know if you require a tax deduction when enrolling in our Planned Giving Program.

If you would like to join our planned giving programme on a cash basis please contact the Parish Office on 9331 4043 and we will provide you with a set of envelopes.

If you would prefer to be contribute through regular credit card payments please complete the form for the parish you attend and return it to the Parish Office by the post or in person or via the Priest at mass. Please note, it is not advised to send credit card details by email.