Prior to booking a wedding the couple must have secured the services of a Priest or Deacon. Parishioners are welcome to approach one of the Parish Friars, those from other parishes should secure the services of their own priest or deacon. Wedding Bookings for St Francis of Assisi or St Joseph must be made through the Parish Office via telephone 9331 4043.  It is preferable to call our office as we will need to speak with you before you lodge your booking form.  

Alternatively, you may make a booking request via email  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU PROVIDE YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBER.

Please ensure you communicate to us any special circumstances (eg if you have received an annulment, interfaith marriage etc) at the time of booking. If the date and time are suitable we will send out the information kits. The Parish Office will provide you with confirmation that your booking has been accepted after relevant paperwork is received. It is customary that two offerings be made one for the parish (wedding gratuity) and a second for the celebrant who will conduct your service (this is normally given on the day).

The following is a useful checklist:

  • Complete and return Booking Form to the Parish Office along with the wedding gratuity.
  • Please note that the celebrant will ask you for: 1) A copy of your baptismal certificate which not less than six months old. 2) A birth certificate or a passport and a drivers license or proof of age card.
  • Arrange an interview with your celebrant.
  • Enrol in a Marriage Preparation course.

You are encouraged to obtain a copy of the booklet When We Marry – a practical planning guide for couples from Pauline Book & Media, located at 150 Castlereagh St, Sydney – Tel: 9264 8630


St Francis of Assisi, Paddington:  Contact the St Francis Choir’s Director of Music Noel Debien on 0417 291 388.

St Joseph, Edgecliff:  Contact Dean Thill (organist) on 0420 549 765

Arrange Flowers

Advise the Parish Office of the time/schedule of your florist to access the Church prior to your Wedding. Please note that it is the duty and responsibility of the florists/your Wedding Planner(s) to place and organise the flowers inside the Church, and ensure that the Church is left clean and orderly after your Wedding.

Wedding Gratuity: For active parishioners there is no expectation of a gratuity. However, in order to meet the rising costs of maintaining the church property a gratuity is sought from those outside of the parish.